Track your Growth!

I recall as a child we would go to the kitchen and stand with our backs to the wall for a parent or older sibling to come and place a mark above our heads to track our growth. This was an exciting time for us and we often did it week to week to see how far we had come or grown. 
The good thing about then was we did not really pay attention to our growth on a daily basis. To enhance it just happened naturally. Its not as if we were hanging from the closet door with tin pales on our feet trying to stretch us out for that extra inch. Well, I can speak for myself and personally say I have never done such a thing.
Fast forward to today....
How do we track our growth?
Do we track our growth or do we just get complacent as adults and remain stagnant?
Growth in what?
  • Marriage
  • Personal life
  • Personal Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Job/Career
  • Spiritual
Why as children did we once strive to grow regularly? Then now we just settle for the status quo and accept what life offers us. Why do we not track our growth from week to week and month to month? Set a goal, write it down, place it in front of you daily and go after it. 
I personally do not like when one says that they are trying. This is a useless word in the English dictionary. Try to close your eyes either you do or you do not. So when on the path to achieving the goal that you set forth do just that, remain on the path. Slow motion is better than no motion. I often tell people I am on the highway to success I just happen to be stuck in traffic. But I am moving. 
I am not at home waiting for someone to come give me a handout. Waiting to get ready. Preparing to brush my teeth. Waiting for someone to knock at my door with an opportunity. Rehearsing what to do when the right opportunity presents its self. I am en route, on my way, and I am ready. Old people use to say I sleep with my shoes on to stay ready!
Put yourself in position today to achieve your goal. Get to it. Track your growth. En route? Then let your mile markers that you pass be your growth. Keep pushing and start today. Grow daily, stay hungry, and never satisfied. 

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