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We are all guilty of at one time or another feeling incompetent, unworthy, not enough or just down right insufficient. I used to tell people when I was still running track professionally that the hardest part of my job was competing on a level that a lot of the time I didn't feel that I was even qualified to be on. How's this? I may have missed some training due to injuries. Just not feeling myself on that particular day. Just not mentally able that day. We all go through this. We want blessings from God but we don't set...

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I recall as a child we would go to the kitchen and stand with our backs to the wall for a parent or older sibling to come and place a mark above our heads to track our growth. This was an exciting time for us and we often did it week to week to see how far we had come or grown.    The good thing about then was we did not really pay attention to our growth on a daily basis. To enhance it just happened naturally. Its not as if we were hanging from the closet door with...

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What street do you live on? Complacency circle:Most people turn into this neighborhood even though signs read "Dead End". One way in and one way out. Most people never leave. Too comfortable! Mediocre Blvd- They have the illusion of being good with just enough. Not a risk taker. They dream small and compare themselves to others. Content with a little. Would love to relocate but believe that it takes to much work. Out of their league and not in their DNA. Uncomfortable Road- Small neighborhood where the people here rarely sleep. Lights are never off. They wake up early. You...

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