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God Tee, Thumbprint -

Definition of a dash! “Dashes are used to separate groups of words, not to separate parts of words like a hyphen does.” One day I sat and thought what is the purpose of a dash. In particular what makes a dash so important. So important that it rest between the year that we are born and the year that we are removed from this earth.The dash seems more than just a punctuation when viewed from that aspect. Let’s call it the in between from here on out. Many things can happen , take place, and occur within that dash. From...

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God Got Me, no sweat -

I remember watching this Facebook post about a teacher writing 5 multiplication problems on the chalk board and purposely writing one incorrectly to teach the kids a lesson. The children mocked her and laughed at her despite the fact that all of the other problems were correct.   The lesson: In life no matter how many good things you do the world will find that one thing you did wrong and criticize you for it. But do not get discouraged. Always stay strong and rise above the hate.   This reminded me of sports. People will dictate your whole career...

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