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DNA, God Got Me, Seek Ye First -

To commit to a task and to stay the path focus on the word commit! If you simply remove a C and an M, you have the word omit. In order to achieve you have goal and to be able to commit to your goal you must omit things! Hence the old saying "To get what you've never had you must do something you've never done" U have to omit! What must you omit? I am so happy you asked! Omit excuses - you set your goal. It is just that ---"your goal." Stop playing the blame game and accept responsibility...

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I need thee, Just God, Seek Ye First -

It's funny that we only get gas or seek out gas stations when we need it! Its kind of how we do God. What if our gas tank was set to E every night and we had to fill up every morning. This is how we should feel about Christ everyday. "Seek ye" the first thing in the morning. Not as a convenience. When we seem fit. Some people even have a Tesla mentality They can go miles without gas. They have these electric cars to help them avoid gas stations. But they can only go a certain amount of...

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